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I am curious on what pickups/mic, preamp, etc you use for your acoustic cello? I have been struggling with this for quite some time. It kinda looks like you use a contact mic.

Thanks, and I really love your music!

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Hi Jack,

I've used a few different pickups in the past. Right now, I'm using the Shadow pickup mounted under each foot of the bridge and the MOTU preamp in our rack unit.
I used to use an ART Tube preamp and that worked nicely before we switched to using the MOTU one.
Before the Shadow, I used the Fishman with a copper coil that fitted on the one side of the bridge (not under the foot) and I didn't really like the tone. It gave power/meat to the sound but not a nice tone.
The Shadow definitely delivers on the tone. You could use just the pickup and get a really nice sound.
In addition, I usually like to always have a mic as well, to have the 'air' and get a sheen to the sound.
I use several different mics depending on the situation: Shure KSN is nice for live, Heil PR30 Dynamic mic (sounds like a condenser but is directional to you for high feed back issue venues), AMT mounted on the cello (is more like a pickup crossed w/ a mic on it's own), AKG 414 for special concerts w/ low feedback issues or studio work, AKG C 1000 for a workhorse mic that can get tossed around a lot (this one doesn't give as much depth as a condenser but still is good).

I've heard and seen really good things on the Realist pickup too. So, that could be a good option. I've not personally played with one though.

Hope this helps out! I understand how it takes a lot of experimenting with sound to find the right thing.

Happy Music Making!




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