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---------------------Select Quotes and Comments---------------------


"...rambling across a map of influences from American folk and Arabic music to jazz, flamenco and pop. And Montana Skies' unrelenting tour schedule is geared toward taking this harmonious hybrid to the masses." 
Atlanta Journal Constitution 

"I just saw you at the Blue Plate Special in Knoxville (WDVX - May 8, '09). I wasn't prepared for the energy and sound you two put out - you absolutely ruled the show! Unbelievable - thank you, thank you, thank you." 
Will. D. Knoxville, TN 

"A wide reaching..and rocking duo...with wondrous eclecticism and dynamic sound " 
HONEST TUNE MAGAZINE-The Southern Journal of Jam 

"Their first piece elicited a standing ovation, one of many throughout the evening. Their virtuosity left the audience exhilarated and wanting more." 
Pat Crawford, host, WUWF RADIO LIVE 

"irresistably infectious grooves and plentiful interplay and improv" 
FAME Magazine 

"The buzz these talented musicians created will give our series an enormous boost. ...reminds us of the power and magic of a live performance." 
Morrison Center for the Performing Arts, Boise, ID 

"These two are obscenely talented. Check them out." 

"Your show last evening here in Macon was outstanding...What incredible musicians and the creativity of your performance was stellar. And the chemistry between you was palpable..." 
Richard & Roz, GA 

"...amazing technique and mastery of the guitar and cello in a seemingly effortless fashion..." 
Director, Glema Mahr Center for the Arts 

"The duo moved smoothly from classic to ...popular melodies, giving everything their signature touch and confidence. Bravo to the concert association for finding this wonderful team." 
Valley City Times, Valley City, ND 

"You both are even more amazing to watch Live. Your musical talents are out of this world. Ya'll are very kind to the fans. Keep on playing!!" 
Elle, Pensacola, FL 

"That was amazing." 
PM - Presbyterian College 

"...hypnotic...imaginative...played with deep passion." 
Acoustic Guitar Magazine 

"It's hard to believe it's only TWO people playing!" 
John D., Toronto, ON, CA 
"I had tickets to Chastain Park that night to see OAR. My wife "strongly" suggested we go see you guys instead. I'm very glad we did. Incredible music!" 
- Steve and Wynn, Marietta GA 

"The most creative concert I've ever seen." 
- Harold Threat, Winston-Salem, NC 

"Great Show! I did not know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Look forward to future CD's and concerts." 
- Steve and Terry M., Crockett, TX 






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