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Thursday night in Kalamazoo!

Montana Skies is playing at Bell's Brewery, home of some of the best beer in the world, tonight @ 9:30. 


The Kalamazoo crowd will LOVE YOU!!!  I'll see you tomorrow night at the Riviera in Three Rivers.  Can't wait!



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Sound Therapy - Free Tracks

I recently started a music therapy blog to talk about some of the things I have been exploring in this area.  I have downloads and some articles here too..  the site is:

I believe sound has the power to heal. As a musician I had always thought of music as art, and a way to entertain, but I have now started to look at music and sound in a new light.

During an experience with extreme anxiety, I found…


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Backstage at the Doudna Arts Center

An interview and performance clips from the show "Backstage at the Doudna".

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Art by Heather

A little while back, we were thrilled to present our music along with the artwork of Heather Wilkerson at a concert in Atlanta.  Heather painted 3 beautiful pictures that were inspired by our music!!  My personal favorite is the one she painted to our newest song "A minor funky" (pictured below). These pictures are much bigger in person and it's a bit hard to get the full scope on the computer screen.  Visit Heather's site to see the other pieces she has painted to out music and other…


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Glad I brought my handycam last night to the show...was my first Montana Skies concert...well attended & charged up audience ... Fiddle & Bow in NC has solid reputation for delivering fine folk artists...this was no exception..what a delight...loved the high energy creative cello guitar fusion & bouncing body language interplay between Jen & Jon...tons of fun and a joy to be a part of...

I posted a HD clip on youtube if you are interested to watch & listen…


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Saw and heard this duo at Brown Street Club in Greenville, SC. This duo blew the house away.  Who ever is booking them needs to go to a whole new level.  They rock!  We attend a lot of live music  venues and I can't imagine a better experience  Probably need to be in the Gunter theater at the Peace Center or Handlebar of Cabin Stage at Merlefest.  They are that good.  Understand they will be in Saluda NC at Purple Onion.  Do not miss that show as that may be the last of the tiny venues for…


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2011 Tour Compilation CD (newsletter)

In 2011 We created a "Tour Compilation" that we sold at our live shows. It contained some tracks from our previous albums as well as new tracks that we hadn't released officially on any other albums. We are offering that album for the holidays here, so if you'd like to give Montana Skies as gift this year, here's a link for purchases. We are also…


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The Flying Cello

I flew back to Milwaukee for a concert at the University of WI in Kenosha this weekend and I thought I’d tell you a little about packing, checking, and flying with my acoustic cello.  My electric cello is small enough that I bring that on board as my carry on.  Occasionally, I am able to buy an extra seat for the cello, but most of the time I use the flight case here.


Here is the process I use for flying with my cello:



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Cello - Guitar Groups

We've set up 3 open groups for Cello, Guitar and Duo's. 

Basically they are an open forum to share ideas, ask questions and get feedback from other group members.  We'll be uploading some videos to the Guitar and Cello pages and other posts .  The first video posts just went up tonight- so, check it out!
We'd love it if you'd go ahead and join the groups that apply to you.  The links below have a…

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Sessions via the Web

We recently started using Skype on the road to stay in touch with family and friends back home. As the video and sound quality on the internet have improved we both thought it would be a great way to work with musicians who might want learn more about our styles of playing.


Sharing our thoughts and ideas on music is something we've always loved to do, but we haven't had time to keep a teaching studio going in one geographic spot. The best thing about Skype is we can do it…


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Your Video

We've had a few people email and ask how we feel about taking video at shows. Our feeling is yes, by all means! In fact, if you want to upload your videos to YouTube we'll be glad to give you a free album download (of your choice) for your efforts.


Also, if you tag your video with (montana skies cello guitar) it will also automatically show on our website on the "Latest Youtube Videos" page.


You can also login to this site and post your video directly via the…


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Montana Skies in Macon

A clip from the Douglas Theater in Macon... (Sarah Andoe designed the lighting plot for this show..we met Sarah at a party a few months earlier in Macon...loved it, thanks Sarah!:)…


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New Track "Another Brick" Studio Version

Good Morning!  We have a new studio track waiting for you here.  Another Brick in the Wall:

This track is one we decided to do years ago after listening to a lot of Pink Floyd while driving around on tour.  At that time, we were listening mostly THE WALL and DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.  

The themes, the music, the engineering…


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Jenn to be featured in Steinberger Cello Ad

Jenn will be featured in a Steinberger ad in Strings Magazine's April issue.  Wahhhooo!



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Hey Jenn and Jonathan

I met you at the Alanta airport around the 20th of December, 2006 or 2007. I had a three hour layover between Portland OR and São Paulo SP Brazil. You blew me away! Jenn, you had just gotten your electric cello and you were having so much fun, dancing and stomping around. I especially remember a medley of The House Of the Rising Sun, The Devel Goes Down to Georgia, and a third song lost in my memory. Sorry Jonathan, I fell in love with Jenn that evening. I have never seen such energy, and I…


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Interview with Steinberger Instruments

We recently met with Corey Redonet of Ned Steinberger Instruments after a concert we did in Natick, MA. Jenn has been playing Steinberger electric cello's for several years now and we look forward to working more closely with them. Here's an interview that we recently recorded for their website.

Click here for the interview:…


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Interview with Fifty100

Here's a re-post of an interview that we did with the music magazine Fifty100.

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