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I recently started a music therapy blog to talk about some of the things I have been exploring in this area.  I have downloads and some articles here too..  the site is:

I believe sound has the power to heal. As a musician I had always thought of music as art, and a way to entertain, but I have now started to look at music and sound in a new light.

During an experience with extreme anxiety, I found music to be a valuable tool for helping me to work through it. Later, in order to understand more about what was going on with me (and to prove to myself that I wasn't completely insane), I started to read more about psychology and neuroscience and spirituality and anything that related to the "inner world" that I had re-discovered. Through this experience, I discovered the powerful value of music (frequency, sound and rhythm). I was always attracted to the mysterious nature of music and sound, but now I see it's potential as a healing force and something that can be helpful for other people. In the process have also learned a lot about different mental states (states of consciousness) and how sound and frequency can help me to access and focus my mind in these states.

Music is the study and artful use of frequencies, but in essence our whole world is frequency. Science acknowledges that everything is vibrating, from solid matter and our brainwaves down to the activity of the smallest particles we know of. The world we live in is a world of vibration. A world of music!

So, this is what has inspired me to start this blog. I have been working on music and sounds (mainly recording nature sounds, so far) not only for my own self therapy, but also to share with family and friends that had told me that they were dealing with similar issues (or just wanted music for meditation or for relaxing.) This is still an exploration for me and I hope you'll find this helpful in your life.  -Jon

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