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New Track "Another Brick" Studio Version

Good Morning!  We have a new studio track waiting for you here.  Another Brick in the Wall:

This track is one we decided to do years ago after listening to a lot of Pink Floyd while driving around on tour.  At that time, we were listening mostly THE WALL and DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.  

The themes, the music, the engineering are a real inspiration to us and "Another Brick" kept calling to us,  we hope you enjoy our rendition here.  Also, if you haven't seen the Pink Floyd documentary I highly recommend it.  We rented it via netflix instant streaming and if your a Floyd fan you'll love it.


We've also begun working on some more Pink Floyd arrangements, so stay tuned for more!
Also, for those of you on the west coast, we've just arrived in sunny (and a little chilly) southern CA.  

We'll be playing tonight at Zoey's in Ventura and Thurs. in Altadena.  Please check our Calendar for all dates this month in California, Idaho, Montana, Ohio and more...


Please stay tuned for more music coming next month..
If you have any comments for us:

or feel free to reply, we love hearing from you!!
Rock on,


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